Due to the restrictions presented by the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, there will be no spring or summer lessons at this time.  Please continue to check the website for further updates and changes.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

Courts are now open!! ( with restrictions)

Singles play is now allowed with members of the same family or if each person uses their own can of tennis balls.  Doubles play is restricted to play with household members only.

The clubhouse will remain closed, as well as any communal equipment (ie. ball machine, brooms, etc…)

Registration is online and can be found here  *Please note: Once registration is complete, please send form and etransfers to info@broadmoortennis.com and do not hit email button, as it will be directed to the wrong email address.*

Once you have registered, court bookings are now through an online booking service.  Please go to broadmoor tennis.skedda.com to complete your booking.  Remember that booking rules remain the same (7 days in advance, 3 bookings per 7 days, maximum 60 minutes at a time).