COVID-19 Update

The County has informed us that as of Monday May 10 all outdoor courts are restricted to household use only. No non-household play is allowed at this time. These restrictions will be in place at minimum until May 26, 2021.   
The ball machine will still be available for individual use, a reminder that it is not cleaned between uses, so you are responsible for your own wipe down of the controls/ hand sanitizer, etc.
The County knows that their sign at the courts says that singles is allowed, but they have informed us that is not correct. They have asked us to cover it up and inform members that play with members of your own household is the only thing allowed at this time.

We know this is disappointing, but we need everyone to comply with this restriction so we do not have to shut down completely. Thank you for complying with this to help us stay open in at least a limited capacity. 

There are number of guidelines that the club and all members must adhere to:

  • Please use the online booking system prior to play and identify all players when you make the reservation. List the names under the “booking title”. This will assist with any potential contact tracing efforts by Alberta Health Services.
  • No group activities are allowed at this time.
  • Any social gathering or mingling must be avoided. Members are expected to arrive, play and then leave the premises immediately.
  • The clubhouse will remain closed. If required, the washroom facilities at the Broadmoor Park golf course may be used.
  • Stay home if you are sick or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands at home before and after playing. Hand sanitizer will not be provided by the club, so please bring your own and use while visiting the courts.
  • NOTE: all provincial gathering restrictions, outdoor recreation guidelines, sport, physical activity and recreation guidelines apply.

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